Blackbird Food Co. Aromatic Granola

Blackbird Food Co. is a micro-batch producer of… Granola. So why am I writing about it?  I’ll tell you why.  (And it’s not because I know the producer, which, full disclosure, I do.)  It’s because it’s the best granola I’ve ever eaten.  Period.

Actually, it’s just about the best breakfast food I’ve eaten right up there alongside smoked salmon. It has the same deeply satisfying, nourishing quality.  Hearty and satisfying. And a zing of excellent fleur de sel in there to deepen and widen it’s astonishingly robust flavor.

Think hand-made, small-batch, local, artisanal and addictively scrumptious, all with the finest ingredients known to mankind. This Aromatic Rosemary Granola is a unique blend of woodsy, hand-picked rosemary, artisanal salt, nuts, seeds, and dried currants. This granola is peculiarly addictive, yet wonderfully wholesome.

Blackbird Food’s mission is to elevate granola to its rightful place as an amazing food product.By sourcing out the best ingredients possible and blending them into unique flavor profiles, we bring granola to a whole other level of “foodiness.” At the same time, we make sure our granola keeps its feet firmly planted in it’s wholesome, good-for-you roots. We do this through the inclusion of generous amounts of “super foods” (chia seeds, chocolate nibs, flax seeds, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, etc.).

You can find this granola and Blackbird Food Co.’s Bitter Chocolate granola for sale at The Meadow’s online shop.

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