Bitter End Thai Bitters – A New Kind of Spicy “Citrus” Bitters

Products like Regan’s Orange #6, Angostura Orange, or Fee Brother’s Orange exemplify the qualities of traditional citrus bitters. But over the last few years, there’s been a host of new citrus bitters on the marketplace, showing the true variety and potential that can be reached when artisans challenge and redefine what citrus bitters means.

Bitter End’s Thai Bitters may not have the word “orange” or “citrus” in its name, but it was created as an alternative to the citrus classics. Bitter End makes bitters rooted in different real-world spice traditions that have one component in common – chile peppers. Habanero, chipotle, and cayenne pepper define Bitter End.

A Different Kind of Citrus

Bitter End creator Bill York explains the Thai Bitter’s creation: “I had an idea for Curry down the road when I was developing the Thai so I really wanted to focus on the “Tom Yum” flavors that I love so much — the Kaffir lime, the lemongrass, the galangal. I thought the smoke from galangal would make a great twist and would keep with our sensibilities. I didn’t want to create just another citrus bitters.”

He recommends using Thai Bitters with lighter spirits like gin and vodka. But, he cautions, these bitters aren’t just a straight substitution for citrus bitters. “If you consider using them, you’re straying from traditional recipes. There are some really great products out there if you want to make a recipe out of Embury’s ‘The Art of Mixing Drinks.’ If you use our flavorings, you won’t get an accurate representation of those time-tested recipes. If you do use the Thai Bitters as a replacement for classic flavorings, you’re going to get something new.”

For the home bartender, Bill recommends trying Thai bitters in a Negroni.

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