Father’s Day at The Meadow

The Meadow

Father’s Day and summer are fast approaching, though it’s starting to look like here in Portland fall will get here before summer does.

In the meantime, try our latest recipe, a luscious Osso Bucco with Sel Gris Gremolata.

Osso Bucco with Sel Gris Gremolata

Or just hit the grill anyway, with a Himalayan Salt Block for the BBQ. Salt sear your salmon, tiger prawns, hangar steak, or Walla Walla onions.

We’ve also got two salt sets for summer:

Our BBQ Salt Set is a well-rounded collection of salts for every food you would want to serve at your Fourth of July barbecue.
Kauai Guava smoked salt for your burgers, Marlborough Flaky for green salads, Fiori di Cervia for grilled corn, and more.

Check out the Smoked Salt Set, with six outstanding smoked salts for all kinds of foods.
Halen Mon Gold for hearty soups, pastas, and vanilla bean ice cream, Red Alder smoked for poultry and fish, Barrique Chardonnay with eggs, pasta, and beef, plus three others.

And let’s not forget bitters. We’ve collected about 25 different types of bitters from around the world.
Dandelion Burdock bitters is the new darling in the shop, but a few bottles of the always hard-to-get Whisky Barrel Aged bitters are also still on the shelves.
These intense herbal mixes incorporate a wild pallet of spice, herb, and other aromatics to enhance the flavor of a cocktail or mixed drink, or sauces, whipped cream, waffle mix, or whatever strikes you as less than wildly flavorful.
A little dash will do. Or if bitter’s isn’t your bag, just go for our selection of six salted chocolates, a dead seriously delicious way to explore chocolate’s deepest mysteries.

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